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Hi! I’m Kris! ?
Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

I’m 28 years old and I’ve been in the ageplay community for almost five years now. I’ve met so many amazing people here already, but I always love meeting new people so feel free to say hi!

I’m super excited to see ageplay taking off and becoming more mainstream now, and I thought now would be the perfect time to start a blog about this part of my life.

Here, I hope to share my ideas about ageplay fashion, relationships and culture, to meet some other ageplay aficionados and just to provide an all round awesome resource for everyone in the ageplay community!

I’ve never had a blog before so hopefully this goes ok. If you have any tips or advice for me, (or if you just want to say hi!) or any comments about the site I’d love to hear them. You can send me a message from the contact page.

Ageplay? What’s that then?

What is Ageplay? Wow, where do I start?

Ageplay is the fashion, relationships and lifestyle trend which is sweeping the entire globe! (Ok, maybe not sweeping…)

It’s basically a lifestyle choice, to take some of the best aspects of childhood, like cute fashion and accessories, cartoons, food, days out and hobbies and applying them to different parts of your life as an adult.

Aside from looking cute as heck, Ageplay is an awesome way to really relax and take some time to be carefree. Adulting is hard sometimes. Some people meditate to relax, we like to watch cartoons and eat alphabetti spaghetti.

Ageplay fashion:

Do you remember being young and wearing a cute romper, dungarees, salopettes, frilly dresses, cute hats with dino ears, tshirts with cute animals on them…

Take a look at any busy street now and all you see is boring boring BORING! Leather shoes, black trousers, white shirt… What the HECK!!

When did growing up mean you have to stop having fun?

Ageplay fashion is all about recapturing the cute, practical and comfy clothing we were allowed to wear when we were younger, even if they are somewhat out of style for adults. Fashion is fickle, trends come and go but cute dino onesies will always be in style! ?

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Ageplay lifestyle:

When we grow up, we often lose a little part of ourselves. Long, carefree summers, endless creativity and dreams about the future soon turn to more practical thoughts of careers, bills and responsibilities.

Ageplay is about recapturing the feeling of being young and having no worries.

For some people, it’s mostly about fashion, for some people it’s mostly about activities, and for some people it’s a state of mind.

Whatever ageplay means to you, you are welcome here and I hope you find something useful!

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Ageplay relationships:

Ageplay relationships are pretty much just normal relationships, but include some aspects of the ageplay lifestyle too.

In most relationships, there is a “little” who enjoys ageplay and a “big” who cares for their little by helping to facilitate their ageplay activities. Bigs are also often referred to as caregivers, reflecting the parental/nurturing role that their little is looking for.

Having a caregiver around can be super nice for a little, because it can help them get in to the little headspace (“little-space”) but this is only one aspect of ageplay and if you don’t have a caregiver, you can still enjoy ageplay and the little lifestyle.

Some examples of ageplay in relationships:

  • Spending a day together at the zoo or aquarium
  • Vacationing in Disneyland
  • Calling each other by cute ageplay pet names
  • Watching cartoons together
  • Using rules and rewards to give your relationship structure
  • Buying cute ageplay gifts at birthdays and anniversaries

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What is this site for?

I created this blog just so I had some place to share my ideas and express myself.

There is a lot of misinformation about ageplay out there, and now that it’s becoming popular and more mainstream, I thought it would be cool to create a blog explaining the basics and show how awesome ageplay can be.

There are loads of other sites and communities about ageplay, and I created the community section of this blog to help people connect with other people in the ageplay world.

Click here to check out the community section!

Who is this site for?

It’s for you dummy!

Well, it’s partly for me, too. I kind of like the idea of having a blog. Knowing that I can write my thoughts here and people might actually read them is a surreal feeling. I guess I’m a “blogger” now!

AgePlay is such a diverse community, with so many different sub-communities that all fall under the wider ageplay umbrella. Everyone is welcome here, whoever you are and whatever you like, whether you’re an ageplay expert or just learning.

I hope over time I can build up as much useful info as possible here for everyone.

Suggestions welcome!

I’ve been a part of the ageplay community for a few years now, but I’m by no means an expert. If you have any ideas, questions or suggestions for me, or if there’s a specific topic you think I should cover, please let me know!

I’m pretty new to all this blogging/website stuff so if you find any mistakes or if you have any ideas for how I can improve the site I’d also love to hear those.

The best way to get in touch is through the contact page. I love hearing from you guys!!

Thanks for reading!


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