14 Fun and romantic ageplay date ideas for littles and caregivers

AgePlay Date Ideas

Hi! Today I’m going to share with you some fun AgePlay date ideas for fun and romantic dates that would work well in ageplay / cgl / ddlg etc relationships. Ageplay dating isn’t too much different from regular dating, but there are a few things that work well for CG/l couples.

As always, thanks so much for reading my blog, if you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment below! Thanks!

What makes a good Little date?

Every single little/middle/small person is different, and everyone likes different things. For this list, I’ve included date ideas only where the relationship dynamic can be expressed in some way (even if only a little bit!) to help littles get in to littlespace and where the caregiver/little dynamic can come in to its own.
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So, for example I didn’t include more traditional things like going to a fancy restaurant, where there might be a dress code and certain expected behaviours.

Instead, I’ve compiled this list of AgePlay / DDlg date ideas where the little and caregiver can be themselves a bit more.

Hope you like my list, if you have any more ideas I’d love to hear them!

1: Go to the Zoo

The Zoo! Who doesn’t like animals? Going to the zoo is such a fun day out, it’s super interesting and there are loads of cute and fun animals to watch. It’s an underrated place for a date. You can stroll around, holding hands, maybe get some ice cream and a new stuffie from the zoo store ?

It’s perfectly acceptable to act a bit silly at the zoo, no matter what your big age is! Maybe you could play some games like asking what noise a certain animal makes, see who can spot the most animals, maybe there could even be a reward!

AgePlay Date Idea: Zoo!
AgePlay Date Idea: Visit the Zoo! (Aww!!!)

2: Go for a walk in the park, and take a picnic

Walking through nature with your favourite person in the world, in your own happy bubble free from the tiresome invariability of everyday life.

Walking in the park (or in the countryside) is such a nice way to spend an afternoon. It’s so calming, and it gives you genuine, authentic time to be alone with your partner and just to enjoy each other’s company.

You can bring a picnic in a cute hamper basket, maybe with some little food in it. Here in Berlin we’re so spoiled for choice with beautiful parks, but any green space works just fine! You could also visit a botanical garden or just take a walk through the countryside.

DDlg Date Idea: Picnic in the Park
DDlg Date Idea: Picnic in the Park
This is Viktoriapark in Berlin

3: Go to the cinema to see a movie

OK, I admit this one is a little bit vanilla, but it is PERFECT for a CG/l relationship. There are loads of great film options depending on what you like.

Animations and Disney films are cute, romantic films work too, or comedies, or even horror films! Laughter is a great mood lifter and an aphrodisiac, and horror films can be cathartic, especially if you’re there with your partner to protect you ?

I made a short list of some of my best films, check it out here:
Best Littlespace Movies

4: Go Bowling!

Bowling alleys are so fun and a unique experience. The sound of the balls rolling down the lanes, pins clacking, people laughing and having fun, the smell of fast food, wearing other people’s shoes…

You can work together, or have friendly competition. Littles might need some help lifting and throwing the balls properly if they are in a little headspace.

5: Go Shopping Together!

Head in to the bustling city and go shopping together. Cities can be a bit hectic if they are busy, but if you’re just out shopping for your own pleasure you can wander peacefully around your favourite stores, in your own bubble outside the business around you.

Some shopping ideas:

Disney Store – Some littles (you know who you are) have an unhealthy obsession with Disney.

The Disney store has so many awesome things, they have stuffies, characters, arts and crafts stuff, cute accessories, stickers, toys, clothes, books, movies, posters, Disney themed snacks, perfumes, and even small furniture!

It’s a great place to spend some time shopping.

Build a Bear – You can pick out your bear, customise their clothes and accessories, pick their name and create them right there in the store.

You get a cute certificate and a bear you can treasure, that will remind you of the time you and your partner went shopping together

CGl Date Idea: Build a Bear!
AgePlay shopping idea: Build – a – Bear

Ikea – I just had to add this, because I love Ikea.

They have the most simple, stylish furniture, if you live together with your partner buying furniture together is fun!

Then you can have the fun experience of building it together when you get home. (sarcasm of course – let them build it!)

Ikea has the most amazing stuffies too, they have arts and crafts materials, and they have a great restaurant where you can get a delicious lunch right in the store.

Oh, and once you get in, you’re there for an hour. Don’t forget to follow the arrows.

6: Mini Golf / Putt-Putt

If there’s a mini golf near you, it’s a great place to spend an afternoon!

You don’t have to be good at golf at all and it’s fine to be little there!

Usually it’s in the tourist area of town so there will be ice cream and snack places nearby too.

7: Go to the Beach

If you’re lucky enough to live near the coast, going to the beach is a nice way to relax. Honestly I sometimes spend hours on Google maps just looking at beaches and mountains and dreaming of visiting.

Beaches aren’t all sunbathing and surfing either! If you have a four legged friend you can bring them along, they will love the water!

Bring a picnic or some marshmallows. A quiet beach is nice too, a place to talk and relax, take in the views and enjoy your time together.

The sun is setting. It’s quiet apart from the gentle waves lapping at the shoreline. The crackling fire has died down, but the glowing embers keep you warm. It’s almost time to go home. As the sun slowly sinks over the horizon the sky reveals its true colours to you. Your four legged friend is lying by your side, so happy to have been included in your day.

DDlg Date Idea: Visit the Beach
Date Idea: Go for a walk on the Beach, watch the Sun set, have a camp fire

8: Stay at Home!

Date night doesn’t have to involve going out. Staying home can be fun too. Maybe you could cook a nice meal together, and snuggle on the couch with your favourite food and a great movie.

You could build a blanket fort for extra littleness, play videogames, build something together, play with your pets if you have some, or your stuffies if you don’t!

It’s super nice to just be at home, it’s calm, you can be yourself, wear what you want, do what you want. There are no social expectations, just you and your partner enjoying being together.

How to build an amazing blanket fort

9: Go to a Comedy Show

Depending on where you live, this might be easier said than done! Most cities have comedy shows regularly. Here in Berlin there are regular comedy shows both in German and English. It’s really fun to

Laughter is a great way to lift your mood, laughing together strengthens your relationship and is also an aphrodisiac. Usually you can get a drink at these places to loosen you up a bit, and everyone’s laughing and having a good time, so it’s a great place to be little!

Usually these places are in the centre of town, so you can always head outside and get dinner too, if you want to!

10: Visit a Theme Park or Water Park

Theme parks and water parks are the best! You can let your hair down here, you will be screaming with laughter and terror at the same time! ?

If you’re not in to rolleroasters, there are loads of other rides and activities. Sailing around in the rapids (you will get soaked!) Driving the bumper cars, ride in a ferris wheel.

Usually there is an arcade and several nice restaurants to choose from too.

We can’t talk about theme parks without mentioning the big one though. If you live near a Disneyland, make it a life goal to visit! It’s everything you hope it will be, and more! Disneyland is the physical manifestation of a little’s mind. If you don’t live closeby, Disneyland is also 100% the best AgePlay / CGl vacation spot. The amazing rides and activities aren’t just for littles, caregivers will have a blast here too!

AgePlay Date Idea: Visit a waterpark!
AgePlay Date Idea: Visit a waterpark!

11: Take a creative course together

This one maybe doesn’t qualify as a “Date” exactly, but you could turn it in to one! Working together on something creative is a great way to strengthen your relationship, meet new people, make something cute and enjoy spending time together. This can really bring you closer together and might give you a new hobby! Variety is the spice of life, try lots of things until you find something you love!

There are loads of things you could do, some examples are:

  • Painting / Art Classes
  • Crafting Classes
  • Take your floof to a pet training class
  • Pottery / claymaking classes
  • Dance Classes
  • Fitness classes
  • Yoga
  • Cooking classes
  • Knitting / Crochet classes
  • Music Lessons

12: Visit an Aquarium

It’s a zoo, for fishes! If you’re lucky enough to live near an aquarium, it’s definitely worth a visit! You can do everything you can do at a zoo here too and there will be a nice restaurant to have something to eat.

Being up close and personal with amazing deep ocean creatures we don’t usually get to see is a memorable experience, really fun and interesting and you can be little!

This is Seaworld in San Diego, one of the best in the world, but there are aquariums all over the place!

13: Go for Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Especially on a nice, warm summer’s day. You can combine this with some other ideas like going shopping or to the park, or to the beach.

Having ice cream is a nice treat, and it can be a strong trigger for littlespace if a caregiver buys it for their little, like a parent would for their child.

14: Cook Together

Lots of couples cook together, if you want to cook and turn it in to an ageplay date, you could make some little friendly food or bake something together while in littlespace.

Maybe you could make something fun, like baking some cookies or making a cake. (Make sure the caregiver helps with the cooking – it can be dangerous!)

Cooking together cooperatively strengthens your relationship and if the caregiver in the relationship is cooking and their little is “helping” that can be a huge trigger for littlespace.

In the comfort in your own home, you are free to get in to littlespace and to dress and act how you want to.


Thanks so much for reading my blog ❤️ If you have any other ageplay / ddlg / cgl date ideas please leave a comment so other people can try them too!

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