20 Cute Ageplay Fashion Accessories for Littles, Middles and ABDLs

Ageplay Accessories

Ageplay Accessories

Accessories are a super cheap and fun way to express yourself and completely change your outfit. Whether you’re a little, middle or ABDL there are literally thousands of accessories to choose from, and you can easily style a plain outfit with some cute ageplay themed accessories.

These accessories for DDlg/CGl are small, cute, and inexpensive additions that you can add to your outfit. There are no clothes included in the list, only small fashion accessories.

Where to buy?

You can find accessories from anywhere, not only ageplay stores. I love shopping in the weekend markets and gift shops, you can find hidden treasures!

I hope this list gives you some ideas for cute accessories!

Ageplay Accessories for Littles, Middles & ABDLs:

Alright, here is my list of Ageplay accessories ideas. These would be perfect for any little, middle, or ABDL and are all cheap, and cute. I hope you like them!

1: Charms and Bracelets

There are loads of cute bracelet, charms and necklaces on Etsy and Amazon that can be added to any outfit. You can buy them already made up, or buy the beads separately and make your own custom jewelry, for yourself or to give as a gift!

The best place to get the parts (if you’re making them yourself) is from Amazon, but if you want to buy stuff that’s already built then Etsy has nicer things I think.

BeadsHidden MessageDaddy’s Girl
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2: Collars and Chokers

A staple of Ageplay and Petplay fashion. Etsy has the best collars for Littles, Middles & ABDLs. Most of them are handmade and you can specify what design you want when you buy!

If you find a special charm that you like, you can even modify your collar to make it more personal to you.

Heart CollarBell CollarBunny Collar
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3: Decorated Pacis!

If you use a pacifier, don’t settle for a boring plain one! Just like bracelets, you can either buy a custom one that suits you, or you can pick up some supplies and have a fun, creative day decorating your own.

The beads, charms and decorations you buy can also be used to decorate other little stuff and for crafting materials.

Custom PaciAdult PacisRearz Paci
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4: Cute patches for your clothes

Can you sew? I know I sure can’t, but even I can manage to sew on a patch. It almost looks better if the seams aren’t perfect.

If you really can’t sew, or you don’t want the hassle of sewing, you can get some iron on patches which melt when you iron them. Iron on patches look great, especially on jeans and there are so many unique designs.

I like to collect flag patches when I travel, and sew them on to my rucksack!

Animal PatchesIron On FlowersUnicorn Patch
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5: Wall decorations

Alright, this one isn’t exactly a fashion accessory, more like fashion for your home. Having little cute decorations around the place can brighten up your space and your day.

One idea (especially for a gift) is a handmade photo frame with a meaningful photo in it.

Totoro PosterAnimal PaintingsCute Food
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6: Pins / badges:

I love this idea! When I think of pins and badges I think of those cheap, circular plastic pin badges with band logos and political slogans on them. Although those look great on rucksacks they aren’t really all that fashionable when it comes to an outfit.

Instead, you can but some really lovely metal or enamel pins which look cute and smart and will fit on just about any outfit.

I think a smaller pin works better, it’s more discreet and understated and can be a good conversation starter. They are really cheap, even for the high quality ones and they look great.

Dino Pin Sleepy FoxPin Banner
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7: Phone case

I hate having a case on my phone, some cases look far too chunky, but it’s saved my screen so many times it’s worth it.

Our phones are pretty much a fashion item now anyway. We look at our phones hundreds of times every day (well I do anyway) so it needs to look good when you whip it out in public.

There are some really nice handmade cases on Etsy, and most of the time you can ask for a specific case for whatever phone you have. If you don’t want to do that, even a standard case in your favorite color completely changes how your phone looks.

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8: Padlock

What? How is a padlock a fashion accessory?

Maybe if you’re travelling you need to lock your rucksack? These are so cool I just had to include them. I would attach them to things just for how they look!

I found them on Etsy, not sure if they are on amazon or anywhere else.

Stitch PadlockHello KityElephant
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9: Keyring / keyfobs

Whatever you like, I guarantee there is someone, somewhere selling it on a keyring. If there isn’t, you can even print your own designs.

I think the nicest keyring is to buy a cute “Frame” type of keyfob, that you can add your own photo to. Then you can add a photo of yourself, your pet, your favorite stuffy, your partner, your best friend, your favorite place… It makes it more personal and meaningful.

Also, if you have some beads for making bracelets and necklaces, you can also make those on a keyring too, just add a single length of wire/string/leather instead of a loop and attach it.

MariePaci & BottleMatching Keyfobs
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10: Earrings

If you’re lucky enough to have your ears pierced you can find some truly amazing ear jewelry. The best place by far is Etsy, there are thousands of designs and they are all cheap and amazing looking.

Blue PacisDino & Egg PRODUCT_NAME_3
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11: Sippy cup / coffee cup

I put these together since they are both cups. A sippy cup is fun at home, especially if you are in littlespace, but it’s probably not much use in the outside world. You probably wouldn’t go to Starbucks and ask them to fill your Lilo & Stitch sippy for you.

But, you can do that with a reusable coffee cup. If you’re a caffeine addict like me you probably already have one. Those disposable cups are really bad for the environment since they can’t be recycled they all end up in landfills, so there’s your excuse to treat yourself to a cute one!

Marie Cold CupTravel CupCute Mugs
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12: Scarf

The most versatile fashion accessory ever.

There are a few that are specifically ageplay related but I think a more neutral one with a regular design on it looks better.

You can pick up a soft polyester scarf on Amazon for only a few dollars, and they have a much wider variety of designs. Kittens, hearts, doves, owls, dogs, dinosaurs, disney characters, fruits, piggies… the list is honestly endless, there are like 4000 pages of scarves on Amazon alone.

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13: Custom Paci Clip

If you use a pacifier, why not get yourself a paci clip to go with it?

A paci clip is sort of like a lanyard you might have to wear at work, except instead of holding your ID card, it stops you dropping your paci on the ground, and instead of going round your neck it clips on to your clothes.

The great news is there are some really nice ones, and even custom ones with your name, or a pet name on them.

You can also buy the clips on their own, and decorate them with beads.

UnicornCustomAnother Custom
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14: Socks & Slippers

Ehh I know this is really more like a clothing item than a fashion accessory, but since socks are so small I decided to add them here too.

There are cute little fox socks with ears, fuzzy monster socks, cozy, woolen socks, Disney socks… they are all quirky and unique

Kitty SocksTotoro SlippersGiraffe Socks
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15: Shoelaces & shoelace charms

A more unusual fashion accessory, but still a fun one. Adding colored custom laces to your shoes, or adding a small shoelace charm to your laces is a subtle way to express your personality.

Trans PridePrinted LacesCat Charms
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16: Mittens

Warmer and cuter than gloves. I got this idea from the Disney store in Vancouver where they had Stitch mittens with real ears. They don’t seem to sell them anymore but there are still loads of nice options to choose from

Owl MittensIgel Dragon Gloves
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17: Hats

Another clothing item, I think it still counts as an accessory.

Depending on your personal style, there are different types to choose from. A fuzzy wool hat with cat ears, a hot pink baseball cap for a bratty look, a tiara for a princess, a beret for an artiste…

Pretty much you can just search for “cute hat” on Google and find something worth getting!

Koala HatBunny HatBear Hat
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18: Hair clip / hair accessories

If you don’t want to wear a hat, you can wear a small hair decoration instead. Instead of using a plain clasp, use one with a decoration. Tie your hair with a scrunchy or a hair bow (or both!)

This one doesn’t work too well if you have short hair, but you can still use a hat, or maybe cat ears for a kitty look.

Dino ClipsUnicorn Clips Cute Food
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19: Belt / Buckles

Transform a boring pair of jeans to a fashion statement with a bright, colorful belt. Usually I prefer a fabric belt instead of a leather one so I don’t like big chunky belt buckles, but if you wear a leather belt there are some reeeally nice buckles to choose from.

Heart BeltBraidedRainbow
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20: Stickers

My laptop is covered in stickers! Everything needs a sticker really. You can get huge sheets of stickers and go crazy, or get some nice unique handmade ones for something special.

Add them to letters, or to your journal if you keep one to give them a little extra decoration.

Some people use stickers to keep track of behaviour and rewards too, usually with star stickers.

Baby StickersHeartsCat Stickers
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21: Pencil case

It’s a well known fact that littles like to color stuff. Where you gonna keep all those coloring supplies huh? Duh in your new, cute pencil case!

UnicornCute PlushCute Ears
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Thanks for reading!

If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them!

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