Ageplay pet names for Caregivers

Ageplay Pet Names for Caregivers

What exactly is a caregiver pet name?

A caregiver pet name is a special, personal nickname for littles to call their caregiver.

Pet names are a cute, funny and romantic way to strengthen your relationship and make your caregiver feel needed and loved.

Littles also often have pet names! Little pet name ideas

Ageplay caregiver pet names
Caregivers need pet names too!

Why should I use a pet name?

Pet names can have different effects depending on what they are. Depending on your relationship you might use one or more pet names at different times depending on how you’re feeling.

Pet names are a great way to strengthen your ageplay relationship and reinforce the CGl relationship dynamic, by making the caregiver feel needed, it’s one of the many ways to show your caregiver that you love them.

Aside from helping the caregiver, a caregiver pet name can also help the little, by making them feel small and helping them to regress.

Ageplay caregiver pet names:

Alright let’s get on to the names! I compiled this list from reddit, tumblr, pinterest, and various cgl forums and communities. If you want to find some other ageplay communities online, have a look at the community tab.

Here’s my list of cute ageplay pet names for caregivers:

  1. Daddy / Mommy
    The OG pet name. Reinforces the parental/caring nature of the relationship, but let’s be honest it’s a bit weird and you wouldn’t want to use it in public.
  2. Big / Mr Big
    A nice contrast. Little & Big ??
  3. Tiger ?
  4. Squishy
    This works for a little pet name too
  5. Snuggly
  6. Dreamboat
    *Actual boat not included
  7. Senpai
    If you happen to be a weeb ?
  8. Shepherd
    I like this one. Shephard guiding his cute little lamby ??
  9. Butthead
    Settle down Beavis, this is only gonna hurt for like… a minute or something
  10. Daddy Pants
    He wears the pants in the relationship
  11. Mister / Mrs / Ms
    This one’s cool, and you can use it in public without raising any eyebrows
  12. Koala ?
    Cute and cuddly with a penchant for eucalyptus leaves. Koalas are kind of dumb, but in a cute way. “Koalas don’t really seem to understand what rain is. They will just sit in that rain wondering why they get wet until the rain passes.
  13. Hugster
    Dispenser of hugs
  14. Darling ❤️
    This is so sweet, it’s kind of old timey. Makes me think of a couple madly in love growing old together. ??
  15. Cuddly Wuddly
    Kinda like hugster, but with 50% extra wuddly
  16. Dragon
    My teeth are swords… my claws are spears… my wings are a HURRICANE!
  17. Maestro ?
  18. Teacher
    Somehow I like this one, even though it’s a bit weird
  19. Papa / Mama
    I like this. It’s more friendly sounding than Daddy/Mommy.
  20. King / Queen ?
    Every King needs a Princess, every Queen needs a Prince
  21. Sir / Ma’am / Madam
    Another common one. Implies strict/authority figure, it’s a good one.
  22. Teddy Bear ?
    Awww! I like this one a lot, who doesn’t love a teddy bear?
  23. Huggy Bear
    A huggable bear
  24. Mama Bear / Papa Bear ?
    OK no more bears
  25. Superman / Wonderwoman
    Or any other superhero really
  26. Stud
    Tell me about it, Stud
  27. Boss / Boss Man / Boss Lady ?
    Dancing in the dark
  28. Handsome / Beautiful
    Nice, traditional pet name. Works as a little pet name too
  29. Lovebug
    I think this one works better as a little name, I think. But it still works
  30. Bae
    The danish word for poop ?
  31. Mr. Daddy / Mrs Mommy
    It sounds kind of weird, but in a cute way
  32. Romeo
    What light through yonder window breaks?
  33. Cookie Monster ??
    Keep calm and eat cookies
  34. Love / My Love ?
    Aww… so romantic. This one works in other languages too. ?? Meine liebe, ?? Mi amado, ?? Mon amour
  35. Master / Mistress
    Another common one.
  36. Pudding
    An old, southern US term of endearment. Sweet and tasty
  37. Killer
    Who’s my cute little bundy wundy? ?
  38. Baba
    It’s an honorific title in lots of Asian languages meaning father or wise old man. Super nice and unique
  39. Captain / Captain Bear
    Gentlemen… you will always remember this as the day that you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow ?‍☠️
  40. Daddykins
    Cute variation of Daddy
  41. Hot Stuff
    Gotta have some hot stuff
  42. Cowboy ?
    Don’t squat with your spurs on

What next?

Thanks for reading!

If you have any more name ideas please leave a comment and I will add them to the list!

Littles need a pet name too! Check out 101 little pet names next!

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