Ageplay Pet Names for Littles, Middles and ABDLs (Over 100 Pet Name Ideas!)

AgePlay Little Pet Names

What is a little pet name?

A pet name is a nickname or special name for a caregiver to call their little. It’s an intimate, personal and fun way of making your little, middle, ABDL feel loved and cared for and is a great way to strengthen your relationship.

Pet names can be super cute, loving, funny, or even a bit naughty and can help your little feel happy, small, loved, protected and all warm and fuzzy inside.

Pet names and age regression:

I learned quite a lot while I was researching this article. I discovered that many littles and age regressors actually have a specific “little name” that they use while they are in littlespace, in a state of age regression.

For some people this part of them is such a big part of their personality that they truly feel like two people in one mind. This kind of little may prefer to be called by their little name than a more generic pet name.

Why should I use a pet name?

Pet names for your littles can be like a secret codename in public. Most people won’t bat an eye if they hear a pet name, it’s pretty normal even in non Cgl relationships but it can be a fun way to bring a little bit of your relationship in to the outside world.

Being called by a little/pet name can be a great way to help your little get in to littlespace. Some caregivers may have different pet names depending on whether their little is behaving or misbehaving…

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A pet name may portray your little as something sweet, delicate and precious, or as a mischievous brat that needs disciplined. Using a pet name is a fantastic, easy way to help strengthen your relationship and reinforce the AgePlay relationship dynamic.

List of pet names for littles:

I compiled this ultimate list of pet names for littles from various AgePlay forums, subreddits, youtube videos and tumblr. Most of them are gender neutral. If you want to check out some of these communities for yourself, check out the Community tab. Here is my list of 101 Pet Names for Littles, Middles and ABDLs:

  1. Penguin
    Cute & fluffy, stinks of fish, good swimmer ?
  2. Button
    Cute name for a boy or girl, buttons are small and pretty
  3. Mine  
    I love this one – not sure how it would be used in every day life though, but it’s super possessive
  4. Trouble ?
    Perfect for a brat! Here comes trouble
  5. Lola
    Cute name for a little girl
  6. Silly
    Love this, very parental/loving
  7. Duckling
    The person who posted this one said her caregiver called her Duckling because she followed him around everywhere ? So cute… I had to include it on the list
  8. Love/Lovey/My Love
    Simple but cute, there were loads of variations of this one
  9. Dork
    Friendly insult ? Good for dorky littles
  10. Bunny
    Cute and fluffy, likes carrots
  11. Bambi
    Cute character from the Disney Movie. This movie is so tragic don’t watch it!! ? ?
  12. Marshmallow/Little Marshmallow
    I like this one, it came up surprisingly often. Marshmallows are small, cute, squishy and sweet…
  13. Chickpea
    Chickpeas are disgusting… but I guess they are small? ?
  14. Brat
    The best name for a naughty little ?
  15. Sweetpea
    I love this one, it sounds like something an old married couple would call each other even after 60 years of marriage. #RelationshipGoals
  16. Princess Pumpkin
    The alliteration game is strong
  17. Munchkin
    The cute, innocent little people from Wizard of Oz, this is so lovely for a pet name.
  18. Angel
    A classic pet name, precious, kind hearted and imaginary ?
  19. Princess / Prince
    Another classic, you can’t go wrong with this one
  20. Cub
    Cute, Cuddly, possibly a wild animal ?
  21. Sugarbutt, Cutebutt, Butt-Butt, Snugglebutt
    There were soooo many “butt” pet names…. I’m not saying anything about them ?
  22. Precious, My Precious
    It came to me. My own. My love. My own. My precious.
  23. Little Bug / Little Bee / Little Insect
    OK I made the last one up. Little Bug and Little Bee work though! Bugs are small and cute ?
  24. Jewel
    Love this one, jewels are precious, rare and beautiful, just like a little
  25. Kitten / Kitty
    Is there anything more adorable than a kitten? I don’t know
  26. Good Girl / Good Boy
    This was one of the most popular ones I found, littles often need to feel validated and this is a perfect way to express that you’re happy with them
  27. Champ
    I like this one because it could be friendly and caring, or a little bit demeaning too, but still in a friendly way, like “OK Champ time for bed…” ?
  28. Big Guy
    Same as Champ, if you say this to a little, it’s probably in an abasing sort of way
  29. Little Star
    Cute, without our star everything on Earth would literally die so keep up the good work ☀️
  30. Sweetie
    Classic, very parental and nurturing
  31. Poptart
    Tasty, small fluffy cake? I have no idea! We don’t have these in Germany, I love the name though!
  32. Cherub
    Chubby cheeked cute flying winged creatures
  33. Kiwi
    It’s a tasty fruit, and also a cute bird from New Zealand, double the appeal! Love this name
  34. Pet
    Another classic. May imply subordination
  35. Mommy’s Little Girl/Boy
    I think this one (along with Daddy’s Little Girl/Boy) was the most popular from all the pet names I found. This works on so many levels, it’s loving, protective, makes your little feel small, cared for and loved. I can see why this one is so popular!
  36. Sugarplum
    Too much sugar will rot your teeth
    Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy (Fantasia)
  37. Sweet Cheeks
    Maybe I should have included this one with all the butt ones ??
  38. Foxy
    Orange fuzzball, very intelligent
  39. Devil / Little Devil
    Some littles are sooo eeevil ?
  40. Dinky
    It means small/short. Works well as a pet name!
  41. Sweetheart
    Awww… this is another one like Sweetpea, it’s so romantic and from a bygone age. Lovely ❤️
  42. Buddy / Bud
    Cute one for a little boy
  43. Hobbit
    Hobbits really are amazing creatures. You can learn all that there is to know about their ways in a month and yet, after a hundred years, they can still surprise you.
  44. Daddy’s Little Girl/Boy
    Same as Mommy’s Little Girl/Boy. Protective and nurturing, helps your little feel small and cared for.
  45. Little Monkey
    Mischievous, fun, shares a common ancestor ?
  46. Missy / Mister
    Uh Oh… Someone’s in trouble
  47. My Pretty / Pretty Girl / Pretty Boy
    I’ll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!
  48. Bunbun
    Cute diminutive version of Bunny.
  49. Piggy / Piglet
    Can be fun and cute or slightly demeaning. Your choice
  50. Queen / King
    To me, this sounds more like something for a little to call a caregiver, but it came up A LOT when I was researching this article. I guess it works though. ?
  51. Squishy
    I mean, some littles might be squishy
  52. Small Fry
    Works well, especially if your little is really short
  53. Treasure
    Love this one, all littles are treasures! ?
  54. Nugget
    Kind of like treasure, makes me think of something small and precious.
  55. Little Girl / Little Boy
    This one came up a lot too when I was researching these pet names. Depending on the intonation, this could be a loving, caring pet name for your little, or it could be what you call them when they are being naughty.
  56. Little Bit
    Nope, it’s not a typo. I have no idea what this is or what it means, but it came up several times so it must mean something ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  57. Sport
    What a 90’s family movie Dad would call his kids.
  58. Young Lady / Young Man
    This is definitely a pet name for a misbehaving little ?
  59. Donut
    High in saturated fat ?
  60. Gummy Bear
    What’s not to love? Cute small sweet treat. This reminds me of Gummi Pom Pom (A really great AgePlay Youtube channel)
  61. Gorgeous
    Not specifically AgePlay related, but it’s still a nice little pet name
  62. Fussypants
    Works great if your little is a fussy eater / fussy in general. Cutesy name without being mean
  63. Lovebug
    Cute name, kind of similar to Little Bug
  64. Baby Girl / Baby Boy
    This pet name was veeeery popular in the little & ABDL community. It works well for any little, middle or ABDL and reinforces the littleness aspect of the relationship
  65. Clever Girl
    That one scene from Jurassic Park…. ?? Clever Girl….
  66. Nookie
    I did it all for the Nookie
  67. Honey / Hun
    I like this one, it’s really friendly. Lots of variations of this one, too
  68. Pumpkin
    A term of endearment commonly used in all kinds of relationships
  69. Pickle
    I’m Pickle Riiiiick! ?
  70. Buttercup
    Beautiful name, cute little yellow flower that brings joy to all who see it
  71. Cry Baby
    This one seems kind of mean to me but it appeared a few times. Maybe it would work well in some situations ?
  72. My Love / Mi Amor / Ma Petite Chérie
    Classic, and passionate.
  73. Smiley
    Aww, this is a beautiful name for a little who is always smiling
  74. Sushi Roll ?
    Small and cute bite sized treat wrapped in seaweed, I can see how this one works
  75. Little One
    Another one that was very popular. Very protective and caring name and reinforces the little & big relationship dynamic.
  76. Flower
    Pretty, sweet smelling, delicate and beautiful. Brightens the day of all who meet them ?
  77. Sweet Peach
    Nice name for a sweet little
  78. Doll / Baby Doll
    Works well, dolls are beautiful and perfect, just like a beautiful and perfect little
  79. Little Monster
    Playful name for a playful little ?
  80. Snowflake
    Soft and delicate, beautiful and completely unique. Love this pet name, it’s perfect for a little.
  81. Cupcake
    Pretty, delicious, decorated sweet cake designed to serve one person.
    Need I say more?
  82. Honey Bunny
    Yolanda be cool!
  83. Cutie
    Can’t go wrong with this one
  84. Sunshine
    You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
    You make me happy when skies are grey
    You’ll never know dear, how much I love you
    Please don’t take my sunshine away ?❤️
  85. Mushroom / Little Mushroom
    Mushrooms are cute, especially those red ones with white spots ?
  86. Little Dragon
    You can really put “Little” before anything and it makes a cute pet name. This one is good for a little who flies and breathes fire.
  87. Beautiful
    Classic compliment for a beloved little with a beautiful mind, body and soul
  88. Kit
    This came up a few times, I hadn’t heard it before but it turns out it’s a gender neutral pet name and can also be a first name.
  89. Naughty Girl / Boy
    Needs no explanation. Naughty littles must be called accordingly!
  90. Cherry
    To me, this sounds kind of sarcastic like what you would call someone if they just asked a silly or naive question ? Cherries are also a symbol of a partnership, given that they often share a stem.
    So we grew together like to a double cherry, seeming parted, but yet an union in partition, two lovely berries molded on one stem.
    – Shakespeare ?
  91. Bumble
    This was a cute one I hadn’t heard before. It would be perfect for a little who is kind of clumsy (in a cute way) or who likes bees.
  92. Cookie
    I used to have a cat called cookie ?? Love this name so much! You can use it for any type of Little or ABDL to show them you love them too!
  93. Cinnamon Roll
    Cute, small, sweet tasting, delicious treat. Just like a little!!
  94. Petal
    Romantic, beautiful name for a caregiver to call their little.
  95. Poppet
    We know you’re heeere Poppet… ☠️
  96. Pixie
    Definitely one of the cutest mythological creatures on the list!
    Pixies are mischievous, short, and childlike. They are said to be fond of dancing and gather outdoors in summer in huge numbers to dance through the night.
  97. Poopie
    This one probably works best for ABDLs ? Stinky!
  98. Kid / Kiddo
    Another good one, strong sense of protection and devotion and reinforces the little dynamic helping your little feel safe and secure in littlespace.
  99. Dummy
    A fun, friendly pet name to poke a bit of fun at your little in a friendly, caring way ? In the UK “Dummy” means the same as “Pacifier” in the US. Not sure if it’s the same anywhere else, leave a comment if you know!
  100. Muffin
    Short and tasty, kind of like a cupcake. I can see how this works!
  101. Darling
    You can’t go wrong with this one! A genuinely lovely thing to call your partner, possibly the most endearing term on the list.

Thanks for reading!

This was a really fun article to write but it’s only my second article ever so if you have any suggestions especially with the layout and writing, or for any future article ideas please feel free to leave me a comment or use the contact page to get in touch.

I learned a lot about when I was researching this article about what names work and what ones don’t, and discovered that “Babe” is almost universally hated for some reason ? So maybe don’t use that one.

I really hope this gave you some ideas to use in your own relationship, let me know in the comments if you have any more suggestions.

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