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Do rewards really matter to littles?

Littlespace rewards help reinforce positive behaviour. The main role of a caregiver is to help a little grow and improve themselves, and rules and rewards are a great way to accomplish this. In addition, having rules, rewards and punishments provide structure and support that many littles desire.

Rewards and affection should be a part of any loving relationship, not only CGL AgePlay relationships. Never forget to reward your partner, even if it’s just telling them you love them and you’re proud of them.

How and when to use rewards?

Different things are going to work for different people. Rewards can be unplanned, and spur of the moment rewards for good behaviour, or just to show how much you love your partner, or they can be more structured, with rules and rewards clearly laid out in a chart.

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How to keep track of rewards:

Tracking rewards with a reward chart is simple, helps reinforce the relationship dynamic, and can be a great way to introduce helpful rules to help your little flourish and grow as a person, and to provide them with motivation and satisfaction for being good.

Littlespace Rewards Chart
Littlespace Rewards Chart

You can make your own reward chart, with specific rules that work for your relationship, or get one online, there are loads you can download and print out for free.

Working with a reward chart, you could use magnets or stickers to track behaviour and your little can see progress daily and will feel proud for earning stickers and earning rewards.

A word of warning about Littlespace rewards…

I really like rewards, they add so much to any AgePlay relationship, and can really help caregivers provide the structure and recognition many littles desire. However, it’s also extremely important that a caregiver doesn’t withhold affection or praise for their littles until they complete certain actions or tasks on the rules list.

Any healthy relationship is built on love. It’s not a transaction and withholding affection and “trading” it for good behaviour is unhealthy and could seriously hurt a little’s sense of self esteem and trust. Littles need to know they are valued and loved for who they are, not just for performing tasks and chores.

One final thing I’ll mention here is that if you use rules together with rewards, make sure you decide on rules together, and make sure the rules you decide on will help you or your partner grow, develop and improve as a person and not just for your own personal satisfaction.

Read more about rules: Ageplay Rules

Littlespace Rewards:

With all that out of the way, let’s get on with it!
Here are my 13 favourite ideas for Littlespace Rewards. Each of these rewards are simple, heartfelt ways to show any little how much they are appreciated. I tried not just to pick 16 random gifts, because I think it’s often more meaningful and appreciated to spend time together rather than just buying something. I really hope you like them!

1: Stay up past Bedtime

Rewards usually come hand in hand with rules and structure. If the caregiver is responsible for structuring their little’s day, staying up “past bedtime” for some chill time watching a movie or playing a game is a nice way to spend time together.

Littlespace Bedtime
Staying up past bedtime can be super fun!

2: New Coloring book / Coloring with caregiver

Two ideas here, but you can do both! A thoughtful gift is always appreciated, if you’re a caregiver, maybe you could write a love note in the front cover too.

Watership Down Coloring Book
Watership Down Coloring Book.
(This film’s ending will gut you like a fish)

Sometimes, it’s nicer and more thoughtful to spend time together rather than (or as well as) giving a gift. Maybe you could color in or draw together.

Coloring in is an awesome way to relax and relieve stress, it’s fun alone or together, but it’s just one possible thing to do. There are loads of similar littlespace activities like crafting, painting, watching cartoons, baking, making jewelry… Not everyone’s in to coloring so find something that works for you.

3: Extra Bedtime Story

This is so romantic! If you like to read a bedtime story before bed, maybe one reward could be an extra story if it’s a usual thing, or if it’s not something you do regularly then it could be a one off reward.

If you need some ideas, I really recommend fairy tales and fables. Check out Aesop’s Fables, or the Brothers Grimm Stories. They are short, suitable for kids and adults (they usually have some kind of moral dimension) and thoroughly entertaining.

If you don’t do bedtime stories, but you want to, there are loads of videos on Youtube of people reading fables and bedtime stories. I also created a subreddit called r/AgePlayASMR as a place to store ageplay related youtube videos. There are some bedtime stories there.

Aesop’s Fables – The town mouse and the country mouse

4: No chores for the day

Personally, I don’t like to include rules like chores in a CGl relationship. I think rules should be focused on self development, emotional and physical wellbeing, and growth. That being said, I know chores and tasks are a big part of a lot of CGl relationships and a cheat day, or a day off could be a nice reward.

If you do have chores for wellbeing and self enrichment (for example, keeping a daily gratitude diary) I think it’s really important to keep those going every day.

5: A Secret note…

This is my favourite idea of the whole list. The idea here is that instead of working towards a set reward, when a caregiver is proud of their partner they leave a note or message somewhere they will find it, telling them how much they love them and how proud they are of them.

I like this because it’s spontaneous and unexpected.

Littlespace Love Notes Reward
Littlespace Reward Idea: An unsolicited secret love note

6: Visit Build-a-Bear

Lots of littles love stuffed animals, build-a-bear is the Mecca of Little stores. (Maybe Disney store too)

This is a nice reward for a little, it’s not just about getting the stuffy, the whole experience is fun, you pick out the base model, pick out their clothes, name them… You get an adoption certificate.

It’s a really nice reward, and if you’re in the city visiting buildabear, you could visit some other stores or chill in the city too. Make a day of it!

7: Videogame Time

Pretty self explanatory. If videogames is a staple of your relationship, fun time playing games together is an awesome reward.

My favourite games are Minecraft and Stardew Valley. Both of them are super awesome for CGl relationships. Stardew Valley is more of a solo game, and Minecraft is more collaborative.

If you’ve never played this game – play it!!! Thank me later

8: See a Movie

Easy reward, and fun for both of you. You could stay home and watch your favourite from the comfort of a blanket fort, or go out and see whatever’s new in the cinema.

Check out my other article: Best Littlespace Movies

9: New little Clothes or Accessories

Even though this is just a gift, and not really spending time together, it is still a heartfelt gesture and one I think just about every little would appreciate.

Littlespace / age regression isn’t always an easy thing to accomplish, and little clothes are a great way to get in to littlespace.

There are loads of clothes and accessories for boys, girls and nonbinary littles to choose from, either from general stores like Amazon or from specific CGl stores.

10: Trip to the Aquarium or Zoo

This is a fun day out for everyone, it’s an awesome littlespace date idea, and an all round awesome way to spend a day. If you have a good Aquarium or Zoo near you, take an afternoon to visit.

Who doesn’t want to see cute animals? There are tons of other ideas for a day out, the Zoo is my favourite but you could go anywhere you like, maybe a waterpark, safari park, to the beach, on a hike… Whatever you like to do, a big day out is a great reward. (But you should be doing this anyway! Not just as a reward)

Baby Goat at the Zoo
Baby Goat at the Zoo. I so want a pet goat, but I have no lawn in my apartment

11: Extra Dessert or Dessert before Dinner

Having a caregiver cook for you is one way to really help with getting in to littlespace. I like the control and structure that a caregiver taking care of food and meals for their partner provides. It’s very caring and parental.

If this works in your relationship, then an extra dessert, or having a favourite dessert, or having dessert before dinner could be some fun and nice rewards.

12: New Stuffies or other toys

OK, stuffies are the easiest option really. Most littles like to collect them, if you don’t want to spend all day at build-a-bear it’s still a really heartfelt gift to buy one as a present. You can get them online or in pretty much any toy store.

Littlefoot Stuffie
Littlefoot Stuffie

If your bed is already overflowing with stuffies, maybe you should try to cut back a little…. JUST KIDDING! There are a million poor defenseless stuffies who need adopted.

There are loads of other toys and cute that make awesome gifts, for yourself or your little. Squishies are small cute and squishy collectables, kind of like stress balls. They keep their shape even if you squish them down to the size of a pea.

13: Date Time! (Little decides the date)

I know I already mentioned the Zoo and Aquarium, but there are loads more awesome, fun ways to spend an afternoon or a weekend.

Going to the beach, to the park, to Disneyland… there are so many littlespace date ideas… the possibilities are endless.

Any of these ideas are great ideas for rewards in an AgePlay/CGl relationship. They are fun for both partners, but as per the warning at the start of this article, please make sure you don’t withhold your time together only to be used as some kind of reward for good behaviour.

Two things littles hate are feeling ignored, and being lonely. It’s really important in any CGl relationship to spend time together because you love each other. Not just as a reward for certain actions. Love isn’t a game and relationships aren’t like going to the store.

Hope you enjoyed my article, if you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments or use the contact page! Thanks for reading!!

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