Fun Littlespace Activities you can do without a Caregiver

Ageplay Littlespace Activities Without Caregiver

Having a caregiver around can be a good way to help guide you in to Littlespace and to have fun once you’re there, but it’s not necessary and you can have loads of fun without a caregiver.

There’s no right or wrong way to be little and you definitely don’t need a caregiver to regress, or to have fun in Littlespace.

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to share some ideas for activities for Littles who want to have fun in Littlespace without a caregiver.

Littlespace and Age Regression can be an incredibly personal, vulnerable, and intimate part of a Little’s personality. It’s not always something we can share easily, or would even want to.

If you’re having trouble getting in to littlespace, check out my other article on How to get in to Littlespace!

Here is a list of some fun activities you can do in littlespace without a caregiver. These activities can help you feel little, are super fun, and most of all will help you nurture the little side of your personality.

I hope you find something you like, and if you have any other ideas please leave a comment so other readers can try them too!

1: Coloring Pages

Coloring in is simple in principle, but don’t let that fool you. It’s really creative, engages the right side of your brain and requires lots of focus. Coloring activities are therapeutic, relaxing and really fun!

You can get some great coloring books online or in pretty much any toy store. You can also print coloring pages off from the internet, and us your favorite coloring supplies to color them in! Crayola (the crayon maker!) has some free coloring pages you can print from their website:

Littlespace Coloring Books
Littlespace Disney Coloring Books

Some are more intricate and require more focus and some are simpler with larger blocks of the same color, just find one you like and that suits your coloring tool of choice! (Crayons are not so good for detailed designs!)

One great thing about coloring is you have something at the end of it you can be proud of and share it with others (either in person or online!)
Lots of people share their art on littlespace subreddits and forums online.

2: Watch Cartoons or Little Movies

I find cartoons and animated movies work best, but you can of course watch whatever works for you. My childhood was defined by classic Disney, but those are by no means the only options!

What are your favourite movies for littlespace?

Littlespace Movie - The Land Before Time
My Fav Littlespace Movie – The Land Before Time

3: Retail Therapy!

Shop for little things online! There are so many amazing stores on Etsy and Amazon specifically catering to Littles and ABDLs.

It’s fun looking through them all and picking out clothes and toys you want, even if you don’t buy them all today! My Amazon wishlist makes my credit card cringe with fear!

4: Relaxing Videogames

Personally some videogames are kind of stressful for me, but some are truly mesmerising, and extremely creative.

Here are some suggestions for you, I think they are the best type of games for littlespace because they let you focus, be creative, cute graphics, chill music, not stressful, not competitive, easy to get in to.

1: Minecraft
I know it’s no longer 2010 but honestly Minecraft is still such a cool game. There are even some CGL & ABDL specific minecraft servers.

Minecraft Littlespace
Minecraft is a great littlespace activity!

2: Animal Crossing
There’s a new one out now. This is honestly just how games should be made. The whole vibe of ACNH is indescribable. If you have a switch, definitely pick this up!

3: Stardew Valley
If you’ve not played this game… just trust me… play it. This is my favourite game, of all time. It’s such a good story, so charming, amazing music and graphics. You will get sucked in to this game, it’s so rewarding and relaxing to play.

Stardew Valley - the Littlest Game
Stardew Valley – the Littlest Game

5: Play with Stuffies

Ok, you knew this one was coming didn’t you!

This is the most little activity possible. I know not every little has stuffies but if you do, it’s a fun way to play in littlespace.

Have a teaparty for all of them, build a blanket fort and take them inside, arrange them in order, hug them on the couch while you’re watching your favorite show or having lunch…

Stuffies make even mudane activities in to littlespace fun time!

6: Listen to a Bedtime Story

Listen to a bedtime story before you take a nap. Youtube is the best place to find bedtime stories, they are so relaxing and nice to listen to, you can combine it with a nap if you want to! ???

Bedtime Story for Littlespace – Thumbelina

7: Connect with other Littles!

Connecting with other littles can be a great way to spend time in littlespace, if you make some drawings or coloring you can share your creations, meet little friends, there are so many discords, subreddits and forums dedicated to littlespace. Littles by nature are nice and kind people, come and say hi!
If you’re not on reddit at all yet, I would recommend you check out the little palace subreddit first, it’s small, friendly and active.

Littlespace Subreddits:

Many of these subreddits also have an official discord channel. Of course there are loads more subreddits too, but these are some friendly welcoming ones for when you are in littlespace.

Other forums: LittleSpaceOnline, DDLGForum

8: Listen to Little Music

Put some little music on in the background while you do something else.

Little music can be anything, it depends what you like!

Some people like to listen to Disney soundtracks, some like to listen to lullabies, some to pop music, maybe you prefer death metal.

9: Make yourself a nice Bubble Bath

Self care is important, especially for littles! Run yourself a relaxing bubble bath, put on some nice little music, or an audiobook and Soak!

Maybe you have bath toys you like to play with, just make sure you don’t take any stuffies in with you!

10: Make (and eat!) Little Snacks

Littlespace snacks are small, easy to make, and tasty! If you have a divided plate, it’s easy to make a simple cute lunch with them!

Little plates and cups can help a lot to get you in to littlespace! You can combine your cute little meal with any of the other ideas here, too!

Littlespace Divided Plate Lunch
Littlespace Divided Plate Lunch

Spend a day with a friend or by yourself doing something fun!

There are loads of amazing and fun day out ideas for Littles. Take some time with a trusted friend or by yourself to do something fun that you enjoy.

Go to the Zoo, for a picnic at the park, go to the beach, to see a movie, visit an aquarium… there are loads of fun activities you can enjoy. Check out the Ageplay Date Ideas page for some more inspiration!

Thanks so much for reading!!

There is no right or wrong way to be a little, and no right or wrong things to do in Littlespace. Find something that works for you, and have fun with it!

Thanks so much for reading! Hope you liked my list, and if you have any other ideas or suggestions please leave a comment so other people can try them too!

Take care!

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