Things Littles HATE!

Ageplay - Things Littles Hate

Littles are such loving, caring people that it’s hard to imagine them hating anything. With their unique personalities and higher than usual desire for love and affection however, there are definitely some situations that Littles hate!

In this article, even though I’m listing bad things, I’m not suggesting anyone in any AgePlay relationship should aspire to these things. By learning what littles don’t like, caregivers can be better at taking care of their littles, and littles can make sure they are taking care of themselves.

1: Being Ignored

You’re probably not surprised I’ve put this one at the top of the list. Littles love to have attention and affection. One of the worst things for a little is to feel ignored, especially by someone they care about.

It takes a certain type of person to be a caregiver in a CGl relationship, you have to be willing to devote a considerable amount of time and attention to your little!

Ignoring a little is hurtful, because they put so much effort and love in to their relationship, it’s hard when it’s not reciprocated.

Things Littles Hate: Being Ignored
Things Littles Hate: Being Ignored

2: Going against their convictions

Have you ever asked a little to do something they don’t agree with? Littles have strong convictions, they especially hate to see injustice of any kind. Asking a little to ignore their deeply held moral convictions is a sure way to lose their respect.

3: Not getting enough alone time

Littles are often introverted. Self reflection is important to them, and crowded social situations can feel really draining for a little.

After a busy day or a particularly stressful social situation, littles need quiet time to recharge. Often, this involves going in to littlespace, where they can take some time to care for themselves or allow themselves to be cared for by their caregiver.

Without this personal time, littles may become anxious or stressed. Being in littlespace is a great tool for self care and we shouldn’t underestimate the importance of it.

4: Not being able to express themselves

Littles are creative souls. A little’s worst nightmare is being stuck doing something boring, monotonous, and repetitive. It’s important littles are able to exercise their creative side, even if it’s just through some simple littlespace activites, like coloring or crafting.

For this reason, if you are looking for a thoughtful gift for a little, give them something they can use to be creative, like a coloring book, notepad, paints etc

I’ll just leave this here 🙂
Things Littles Hate: Not being able to express themselves
Things Littles Hate: Not being able to express themselves

5: Disrupting their life order

Often, littles do not cope well with a lot of turbulence or uncertainty in their lives. Once a little has their life in order, with a nice routine and everything working the way they like it, a situation coming along out of the ordinary and disrupting their life can be extremely stressful and overwhelming.

One of the many qualities of a great caregiver is the ability to provide structure and routine for their little.

6: Feeling like a burden / too needy

Littles have a big heart and a kind soul. They like lots of attention and affection and are very attentive to their partners, but it often takes a long time for littles to really open up and trust someone.

By the same token, littles like to receive lots of affection and love from their partners. Some people call this “clinginess” but I think that has some negative connotations. There’s nothing wrong with someone having a big heart.

The downside is that when a little pours their heart and soul in to a relationship, sometimes it isn’t reciprocated to the same level. This can leave them feeling burdensome. It’s a horrible feeling, which can be compounded by anxiety/stress. The best way to overcome it is constant reassurance and communication from both sides.

Things Littles Hate: Feeling like a burden
Things Littles Hate: Feeling like a burden

7: When people say mean things

Littles are kind, gentle souls by nature. It’s not in their nature at all to be nasty or mean to people. They hate to see people being mean or cruel, whether it’s to them or someone else.

This is especially hurtful if it comes from someone they care for, but even random strangers sometimes feel like they have a right to be hateful. A lot of people don’t understand what CGl and Age Regression are, and project their own insecurities on us with hate comments.

8: Feeling Lonely

OK, obviously no one likes to feel lonely whether they are little or not, but loneliness affects littles even more because of their personality.

Littles have so much capacity for love and affection. They are similar to caregivers in that they have an innate need to have an outlet for it. Having friends is super important, if you need more little friends check out r/littlespace, r/littlesafe or r/thelittlepalace on Reddit.

If you feel lonely, know that you’re not alone! The key to overcoming loneliness is making genuine connections. Check out the subreddits above, there are loads of amazing people who genuinely want to get to know you.

Thanks so much for reading! If you enjoyed the list please consider sharing it, and if you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to use the contact page.

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